If you’ve been thinking that it might be time to take off a few pounds, let these easy diet tips help you. They won’t let you down! These are simple suggestions that lead to big losses on the scale. Follow these rules and you will notice big changes in as little as two weeks.

The first simple diet tip requires you to plan your meals. When you eat on the spur of the moment, you often make poor choices. Either the night before or in the morning, you need to plan three small, healthy meals and two small, healthy snacks for the day. Ideally, each meal would be less than 400 calories. More than that and the chances are that some of it will end up stored as fat!

Medical experts agree that people who track their food intake stay on their diets longer and lose more weight than those who don’t. Find a weight loss journal and write down everything you eat! These journals or food logs can be found in bookstores, office supply stores, and online.

Many of us dine regularly in restaurants and that can be very challenging when dieting. Always be aware of portion sizes. Would you be surprised to know that a typical frozen dinner is an accurate size? Have a plan before you enter the restaurant and stick to it. Try to recruit someone to share a meal with you, or take at least half of your meal home for another time.

Many people feel deprived when dieting. If you savor each bite, chew really well, and eat slowly, you’ll begin to enjoy the taste of the food and feel more satisfied. Always eat with intention. Don’t be distracted into overindulging. Make your dining out experiences more about your companions instead of the food.

Don’t entertain yourself by eating! If you’re reaching for food, then you need to be hungry. Pay attention to your hunger level and determine what you need to satisfy yourself. Have a list of alternative behaviors that you can substitute in place of eating. Call some friends, take your dog for a walk, get some exercise, or lose yourself in a good book!

Eat plenty of protein and fiber. These are the two types of foods that will keep you satisfied the longest. Don’t severely restrict your fat intake. Fats are necessary for hormonal balance, joint lubrication, clear skin, and healthy hair. Some recent research even indicates that healthy Omega-3s can help with fat burning.

Calcium is another nutrient that is needed in a healthy diet. It is believed to boost weight loss, so add skim milk and fat-free yogurt to your diet plan. Severely limit sodas and sweet drinks. Even diet sodas can sabotage weight loss. Drink plenty of water. It will help you feel full longer.

It’s imperative for weight loss and weight maintenance to burn excess fuel each day. If you can change your mindset and begin to think of exercise as “play”, you may actually begin to look forward to it. If not, learn to appreciate it for the benefits that it provides. Try new activities such as swimming laps or inline skating. You may be surprised to find something that you really enjoy. When you move regularly, you help ensure long-term fitness.

If you incorporate these simple diet tips into your daily routine, you will be amazed at how quickly you notice small changes. These changes will boost your confidence and increase your motivation to the point where you will look forward to continuing your weight loss journey.

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