Home Back Exercise Techniques With Weights

Try my home back exercises with weights!


I have been working super hard on this one to deliver to you the best programmes I can all in one place for a monthly membership and you can ❌cancel at any time. Here you will find everything you need to improve your fitness, nutrition and wellbeing ONLINE!


Lose Weight, Improve Your Health, Fitness, Mindset And Body Confidence And Get Daily LIVE coaching from Rachel Holmes


❓How does the Kick Start Member’s Programme work?

It’s not your typical diet and exercise program. And it’s not a low carb or fad diet.

It is an individualised approach empowering you with the latest evidence-based nutrition🍎, behaviour change, mindset, motivation and 👣home workouts.

You have access to my tried and tested 7 day Programmes so every week you can try something new depending on your goals all with Rachel coaching you every day✅.


New programmes, workouts, and updates added every month!

Get immediate access to:
• 7 Day Midsection Meltdown
• 7 Day Lift lean Express
• 7 Day Juice Detox
• 7 Day Rapid Fat Loss week
• 7 Day Sprinter

Plus FREE Bonus content!
• 14 Day Supercharge Programme
• Live Daily Coaching from Rachel


❓❓The Real Reason Why I Developed This Program…

I’ve been helping women with their weightloss and wellness goals for over 30 years. I also train Fitness Professionals globally and deliver courses, workshops, training courses at the highest level.

Every day, I work with women who want to make changes to their health, their body, energy levels and overall confidence.

I have made it my mission to create a programme that you can take with you and that will fit in your daily life. I have paired proven exercise routines with the mindset support, coaching and motivation that is so, so, so very important to your success. I just love hearing the positive experiences people have through this programme and, especially, the ‘Ah Ha!’ moment when they find the key to the lasting change they want.

❤️❤️I love helping women get the most out of life!

Where ever you are on your health journey Kick Start Members is for you:

Monthly Membership


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  1. KyleSutherlxnd on May 13, 2022 at 7:51 pm

    Brilliant video! I’m going to show my mrs this I think

  2. yogipam john on May 13, 2022 at 8:15 pm

    I find that I often get an ache/pain in my neck! Is this just fatigue and I need to stop and build up gradually

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